When To Work With A Mortgage Broker In La Jolla

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When To Work With A Mortgage Broker In La Jolla

When you are buying a new home and shopping for a mortgage loan, one important task you have to decide upon is whether or not to use a mortgage broker in La Jolla. Your choice should be a result of an informed decision, taking into account the benefits as well as the disadvantages.

When to use a mortgage broker in La Jolla? Consider the following:

  • When you prefer to have somebody who gathers all the pertinent information and documents related to your income, tax returns, pay stubs, credit reports, investments, and all other factors that provide a holistic picture of your financial health;
  • When you want someone to act as an intermediary between you (the borrower) and the lender; to have someone who can help you do a comparison shop among prospective lenders based on your financial situation;
  • When you prefer to have someone or an entity who analyzes all of the needed information and gathers a series of quotes from prospective lenders who are ready to lend the amount of money to qualified borrowers based on their defined criteria;
  • When you have less than perfect credit or if you think you have sporadic employment records; brokers already know to which lenders to go (they increase your chances for loan approval);
  • When you want to have someone who can cut out a lot of wasted time by strategically choosing the lenders where you have higher chances for loan approval;
  • When you want to work with someone who has better access to lenders; many lenders work exclusively with mortgage brokers whom they consider trusted gatekeepers who can bring them qualified clients;
  • When you want to increase your chances of getting special rates from lenders (as a result of working with their “gatekeepers”)
  • When your borrowing situation is different from the rest, such as you own a business or if you are not seeing mortgages that fit your needs

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