These Four Factors Can Have A Significant Impact On Mortgage Rates, San Diego

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July 29, 2022
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These Four Factors Can Have A Significant Impact On Mortgage Rates, San Diego

If you are planning to buy a home in San Diego, one of the things that you should know about is mortgage rates. That is because mortgage rates have a crucial impact on your finances, particularly on monthly loan payments. Thus, it makes sense to know the factors affecting mortgage rates in San Diego. These are the following:

Credit scores. In general, homebuyers with higher credit scores get lower mortgage rates in San Diego than those with lower credit scores. Lenders use a credit score as one of the benchmarks of how reliable a borrower will be in paying off a loan. Therefore, check how healthy your credit score is, and do what it takes to improve it when needed.

Downpayment. The larger your down payment, the more likely you receive a lower interest rate. Mortgage lenders perceive those who can put down a higher amount as low-risk clients. It is worth noting that a lender may require you to buy mortgage insurance if you cannot put at least a 20% downpayment.

Loan term. Deciding on which loan term to choose is a balancing act. On one side, there’s a shorter-term loan that has a lower interest rate and lower overall costs. However, you are going to pay higher monthly payments. On the other hand, if you choose a longer loan term, you pay lower monthly payments but on a longer duration, and the overall cost of the loan can be significantly higher. Therefore, you need to be careful in deciding on loan terms, and a mortgage broker can guide you in the decision-making.

Home location. As a homebuyer, you should also consider the location of the property you are interested in buying. You can expect that two similar or almost identical homes can have a significant discrepancy in mortgage rates. For instance, variation between a state and another state; between urban and rural areas. You should reach out to different lenders to consider all options available to you.

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