Get a Pre-Approved LoanHome ownership is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make.

Get Pre-Approved before you begin shopping for a home. Call 800-958-7587 (PLUS) and speak to a home loan professional, or apply online to begin the pre-approval process.

When buying a house, you may get pre-qualified or pre-approved. You can typically get pre-qualified over the phone in just a few minutes. However, a pre-qualification is not as beneficial as a pre-approval which is a more rigorous process that includes verification of your credit, income, assets and liabilities. It is highly recommended that you get pre-approved before you begin looking for a house. The benefits that come from getting a pre-approved loan include:

  • Find out the maximum house you can buy, so you don’t waste time looking for properties you can not afford. Use our mortgage calculator to analyze your monthly payment.
  • Get approved for the mortgage loan that best meets your needs and finances.
  • Gain a stronger position when you are negotiating with the seller, because the seller knows that your loan is already approved.
  • Close quickly, since your loan is already approved.

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