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Buying a house is arguably the most important purchase you will ever make. It is also the most expensive purchase that you are going to make. Because of this, HomePlus is here to help you out in your big purchase and make it lighter for you!

Rancho Santa Fe Home Loans

HomePlus is a home loan provider that operates around Rancho Santa Fe and its surrounding areas. We are here to help you for your home loan needs! Just give us a call, and our expert mortgage experts will be at the other end of the line to supply you with everything you need to know about home loans in Rancho Santa Fe.

  • FHA Loans
    The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loan, is a type of loan that is backed by the government, with the intention to help first-time homeowners. With the help of the FHA loan, first-time homeowners can finally buy a house of their home, and they were required to pay a small amount of interest rate, because the government itself guarantees your loan.
  • VA Loans
    In commemoration to the service of the servicemen of the country, we offer the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for our retired and active servicemen and their spouses. With the VA loan, you can get your dream house in Rancho Santa Fe without even paying for a down payment! More than that, you will only pay a small interest rate, as the VA highly guarantees your loan. This is but a small token of appreciation to you, our beloved heroes who served to protect our country’s freedom.
  • 30 and 15 Year Fixed Loans
    A Fixed loan is a mortgage that allows you to pay for a fixed interest rate, no matter what economic conditions may occur later. This kind of home loan is really good, especially if you are aiming for security in paying your dues. You can choose which of the two fixed loans that we offer—you can choose either 15 or 30 year fixed loan plan—and you can get your home loan started!
  • 7/1 and 5/1 ARM Loans
    Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a kind of loan that allows you to pay for little interest rate in its first period. It is a great option for most of you, as you pay up a little at the beginning and prepare for the usual interest costs after the initial period expires. The prices may go up or down, as it reflects the economic conditions for today.
  • Jumbo Mortgage
    Jumbo mortgage is a type of home loan that allows for a larger than the usual loan consideration. Because you can get more than the usual, the interest rates for this loan is also higher. This was originally meant for luxury home purchases, but because of the recent housing bubble, most home buyers can now be qualified for a jumbo mortgage in Rancho Santa Fe.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to ask us. Just give us a call at (800) 958-7587, and our expert loan specialists will be there to serve you! With HomePlus, you can be sure that you have your dream home in no time!

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