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Buying a house is by far the most difficult purchase you will ever make in your entire life. It is so important that you will need to think it through so many times before regretting it. It is also an expensive endeavor, because it requires you to pay a huge amount for down payment alone. Good thing, there is a name that you can trust in securing a home loan: HomePlus Mortgage!

Rancho Bernardo Home Loans

HomePlus is a home loan service provider in Rancho Bernardo and its surrounding areas. We are BBB-certified firm, so you can trust us that we will do our best in giving you the best home loan plan in Rancho Bernardo. Our trained mortgage experts are ready to answer you with any home loan questions and we are all available at your service anytime, even during weekends and nighttime.

  • FHA Loans
    The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loan is a kind of mortgage that is backed by the government. It aims to empower first-time homeowners so that they could get government assistance when they are buying their first home. This is a great home loan choice, if you are just a starting as a family in Rancho Bernardo.
  • VA Loans
    The Department of Veterans Affairs loan is a kind of loan that aims to help servicemen and their spouses in becoming a homeowner in Rancho Bernardo. This home loan is a great help for the veterans and their spouses, so they can still have a home to call their own after performing their duty to the country. This loan requires no down payment and a portion of it is guaranteed by the VA. So if you are a serviceman or the spouse of one, just let us know so we can get you started.
  • 15 and 30 Year Fixed Loans
    The fixed loan is a kind of mortgage that gives an agreed fixed interest rate. The rate of the interest will not be changed, even if there are multiple economic change indicators present. This is a great home loan plan for you, if you are intent to have a loan security, as your loan is protected form the sudden increases in the interest rate payments.
  • 5/1 ad 7/1 AMR
    The adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a home loan that lets you start off to pay for a small interest rate for a period of time. You can choose to have it start in either 5 or 7 years, but once the initial period is over, its interest rate will adjust and conform to the economic condition as shown by the indicators like inflation.

Just give us a call at (800) 958-7587, and we will readily help you with any home loan-related assistance that you need. With HomePlus, you can be sure that you are getting your dream house in Rancho Bernardo without costing you more than you should!

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