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March 18, 2022
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Home Loans, El Cajon – 4 Things To Do To Prepare For Application

Better preparations get better results – that is 100% true in home loans, El Cajon. Being ready is crucial to increasing your chances of getting a better mortgage deal. In other words, before you even sit down with your lender, you have to make sure all things needed are with you, ready for scrutiny.

Here are some things to do to be better prepare for your application for home loans, El Cajon:

  1. Begin with assessing your credit report – the first thing lenders usually do when working on your application is check your credit report. You have to make sure that you can prove your creditworthiness to a lender. It does not only increase the chances of getting your loan approved but to get the best possible rates.
  2. Figure out what you can afford – be realistic with your mortgage goal. While homeownership may be the American dream, the fact remains that your financial capacity will be a prime determinant for the home loan amount. If you only have 5% for the down payment, it does not make sense to apply for one that requires you to come up with a 20% amount to put down.
  3. Decide how you will finance your mortgage – there are plenty of financing options available. Determine which is the best for your financial situation when you buy a home. You will decide upon the term – is it a 15-year mortgage or 30? Is it fixed or variable? (A highly qualified mortgage broker can help you figure out the best option for you.)
  4. Do not forget to check on pre-payment penalties – if things are in your favor and you become more financially capable during the mortgage life, you may decide to pay your mortgage off early. But that could put you in a disadvantaged position if your lender imposes pre-payment penalities. Indeed, a pre-payment penalty is one of the items on your checklist that you should not overlook. You have to ensure that you will not receive a penalty for paying off your home loan earlier than the mortgage term.

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