Homeless Scores A Top Spot on The Lending Tree’s List of Top Rated Customer Service Providers

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February 16, 2015
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March 18, 2015

Homeless Scores A Top Spot on The Lending Tree’s List of Top Rated Customer Service Providers

SAN DIEGO- On Feb 5th of 2015 The Lending Tree announced it’s top ten customer service providers list for the final quarter of 2015. Ranked number 6 on the list was HomePlus Mortgages. This was a welcome review for HomePlus one of the nation’s top alternative home mortgage lending companies. Since 2011 HomePlus mortgages has been a regular mention on the Lending Tree’s Customer Service Providers quarterly list.

About Lending Tree

Lending Tree is the nation’s top online market evaluators. They provide information for consumers so that they can make educated choices about loan and credit based offerings. They are committed to regularly evaluating and providing recommendations for customers based on a consumer oriented criteria such as customer service. They evaluate lending companies who provide non-bank credit options such as student loans, mortgages, personal loans, lines of credit and more.

Every fourth quarter the Lending Tree releases a list of top ranking customer service providers in the various niches of credit lending firms.

HomePlus Mortgages Recognized For Customer Service By The Lending Tree

HomePlus mortgages, an alternative mortgage lending firm based out of San Diego California is committed to delivering competitive mortgage loan rates for aspiring homeowners. They are devoted to delivering excellent service in all fractions but have a speciality focus on customer service.

For this reason, it comes has no surprise that HomePlus would be rank on Lending Tree’s list of top rated customer services providers once again. For the past 5 years HomePlus has been included on Lending Tree’s list, consistently garnering a top ranking spot.

“Our customers interact directly with one highly experienced Loan Officer through the entire process, providing you with the ultimate personalized customer service. We return phone calls and answer questions within hours – even on nights and weekends.” via HomePlus Mortgages

Now that we are well on our way into 2015 it will be interesting to see how HomePlus continues to provide above average excellence in the area of customer service. As a company that is committed to providing families with homes and delivering some of the lowest interest rates possible. This dedication is the reason why they are recognized as one of the best alternative mortgage lenders in the state of California.

To Find Out More Contact HomePlus Mortgage today, your experts for purchase, refinance and debt consolidation loans, at 800-810-7587.