Encinitas CA

September 18, 2020

Jumbo Loan Rates Encinitas

HomePlus Mortgage Call 800.810.7587 For The BEST Jumbo Loan with lowest rates of interest that you can find in Encinitas, CA area! We Offer the Highest Level of Personalized Customer Service and the Most Competitive […]
June 29, 2022

Home Loans, Encinitas, CA – Finding A Good Deal Amidst Rising Mortgage Rates

While the current trend shows an upward trajectory for mortgage rates, that does not mean you can no longer find a good deal in the market. There are still plenty of options for home loans […]
February 29, 2024

Why Pre-approval Will Get You the Upper Hand on Home Loans in Encinitas, CA

You apply for home loans in Encinitas, CA, to buy a new home. Here’s the thing worth considering – pre-approval. Getting pre-approved means undergoing preliminary evaluation as a potential borrower; it’s a way to determine […]
March 30, 2024

Top Tips for Qualifying for Home Loans in Encinitas, CA

Here’s the thing that every borrower should realize: not all those who apply for home loans in Encinitas, CA, get approved. According to the data published on the National Association of Realtors website, in the […]